frontiera lab

ultrafast and nanoscale Raman spectroscopy

Research in our group focuses on developing and applying Raman spectroscopic techniques to determine how nanoscale local environments impact chemical reaction dynamics. Our research is highly interdisciplinary, investigating current problems at the interface of chemistry, biology, and materials science. We firmly believe that science needs a diversity of views and experiences, and we are committed to advocacy while providing an inclusive, collaborative, and respectful environment. 

plasmon-driven chemistry

investigating the mechanisms of plasmonic photocatalysis

plasma-liquid interactions

exploring chemical properties of liquid-plasma surface interfaces

super-resolution Raman microscopy

developing label-free imaging that breaks the diffraction limit

vibrational control of solar photochemistry

following and modifying the structural evolution of molecules during charge transport

chiral-induced spin selectivity

quantifying nuclear contributions to spin-selective transport

dark photocatalysis

storing sunlight to drive chemical reactions at night